Case Study: A Symptom And A Problem

You should be talking about what types of new information will actually help take better decisions right so all these become very important because these are like the like all these three put together is the heart of case study analysis in any situation then the question becomes what is the difference between symptom and a problem and why was i harping about trying to understand the difference between a symptom and a problem because again as I said let me repeat this this kind of analysis will lead you to better define the problems facing the decision-makers now one of the interesting tools that you can always use or methods let me say not a tool is the four wise or five wise approach okay in this way you it’ll always help you truly differentiate between a symptom and a problem so let me take a step back and tell you what is the symptom and what is a problem you have a fever a temperature body. Discover more info on case studies at Edusson.

Temperature of 103 degrees centigrade or Celsius that is a symptom if you dig deeper then you realize that you may have some kind of an ailment that is actually leading to that fever if you don’t dig deeper you are essentially treating the fever or the temperature and actually not the underlying cause now the same thing applies to business problems as well if sales have gone down right and if you keep hitting at the peripheral level you may never be really able to solve the deeper issues so let’s say in the case study it is said that sales are declining so how do you use the four or let’s say the Firewise approach here we I’m just for the sake of illustration I’m showing you three wise right so why have sales declined let’s say we call it why number one sales have declined because there are too many sales territories that do not have a sales person brilliant so then you dig deeper and then you ask okay so why is it that there are so many territories unassigned to sales people.

Why is it that there are so many territories without salespeople it doesn’t make any sense now the reason why there are so many sales territories that are unassigned is because so many salespeople have left the company in the past one year so the turnover or the attrition rate has essentially doubled in the sales department and then you start asking the third why which is okay so why the hell has the attrition rate doubled and then you realize that okay so the compensation plan or let’s say the variable compensation plan right or the incentive plan was changed because the CFO thought that that is a better way of going about it to reduce the variable expenses and because of that it kind of demotivated these salespeople and then they started leaving the company so now if you look at it your original symptom the sales decline you know it is not a marketing problem anymore it is actually happening because of a human resource problem.