Dealing With Writing Frustration

Many students throughout the generation have found writing difficult even professional writers often describe the process as painful when confronted with dry sources writer’s block and the vicious editing process many writers and teachers say that writing is simple you just sit down open up a vein and bleed so many writers have uttered similar ideas that we cannot even decide who said it first writing though can really be very easy when one follow some simple rules do your research plan and outline focus on a thesis use quotes to prove your ideas cite the sources create a short conclusion and avoid passive language all these will be explained in detail over the next few minutes your writing should be clear strong and easy to read if you follow the advice given here students are often most frustrated when they try to write too soon.

Which means that they sit down to type something without knowing what they want to say or prove writing without a plan is a recipe for disaster very few people can create an essay in their mind and type it into a screen at the same time and most people who try this end up spending a lot of time accomplishing very little eventually their main goal goes from writing a good essay to simply fulfilling the minimum length that the teacher demanded in the end many just want to finish the assignment because it has become so difficult the slow progress begins to feel like a kind of torture as they watch the cursor on their screen blink at them again and again and again while their mind starts to wander from the essay they should be writing to something they would rather be doing student’s ability to distract themselves as a bottomless hole that they can prevent themselves from falling into by simply doing their research and making a plan in my discipline history the vast amount of work that goes into an essay lies in doing the research needed to learn about a topic.

This includes deciding on topic finding books articles and other scholarly resources actually reading all of that material taking notes on the main ideas discussed and figuring out how the ideas relate to each other that part alone can take many days so about 90% of the work on essays and my discipline is taken up by basic research students that try to write an essay without doing a basic research set themselves up for a painful experience and often a low grade once you have learned a good amount about your topic the next step is to plan your essay what are you most interested in where any controversies expressed and the sources you read did the writers argue about anything you should develop a plan despite which type of essay you want to write I normally do this by creating an outline the outline should contain a thesis statement that clearly says what the essay will focus on or prove a few main points that will be the bulk of the essay.