Long And Bad Sentences

We’re going to look at synonyms we’re going to look at all kinds of different things a common assumption about wealth is that it is a matter of being lucky and coming from a rich family so a common assumption many people assume so I’m taking an assumption I’m converting it into a verb assumed because I’ve done that I need a subject so many people assume that I can take it out I just put it in brackets to show you it’s there many people assume wealth is a matter of luck and family fortunes now by taking the subject verb many people assume I’ve created an independent clause a common assumption about wealth is then then because I have the is I need a whole noun clause as a complement to assumption right so this way I get rid of the noun clause I get rid of the extra subject extra verb a matter of being lucky a matter of luck y being lucky when you can just use lucky lucky as a noun right it’s a better now than being lucky and family fortunes and coming from a rich family coming from a rich family means you have family fortunes. Clean your essay from useless words with Robotdon.

So again you have to know a lot of vocabulary if the more vocabulary you know the more vocabulary you have available to you to use the better sentences you can write so build your vocabulary very very important okay I went from 20 words to 12 now here I’m going to show you a gradual cutting down according to a study conducted at Harvard University where they research the effects of an price increases have a consumer spending habits shoppers so according to the study shoppers do this or that or the other so according to study conducted so I don’t need the adjective clause where they researched a I know there was research done because there was a study done study reefs teddie research synonyms where they research I don’t care about Harvard University where I care about the study so get rid of all that and just use the preposition on and then you already cut two words then I can even cut it more according to a Harvard University set obviously they conducted it there.

I don’t need to put this verb it’s understood in the word study on the effects of sudden crisis and then I reduced even more okay I went from 22 to 18 and I didn’t change all that much I kept the exact same information okay let’s move on use a synonym so we already gave you an example I’m going to give you some more the main argument when it comes to the benefit of co-education is that this type of education will allow students to interact with all types of people that these students may meet a society again I made these sentences a little bit exaggerated they’re really bad sentences but again I do see sometimes I do sometimes see sentences like these in writing so I went from 34 words to 14 how the main argument when it comes to the benefit of co-education.